North Carolina Christian Conservatives, willing to sacrifice the rights of the disabled to get their way

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     Today, my home state of North Carolina, will spend $42,000 out of the tax-payer’s coffers to abolish Charlotte’s Sec. 2-151 ordinance .   Ironically, the so called “bathroom ordinance” goes beyond simply protecting the rights of its citizens based on gender identity or sexual orientation but also safeguards those with  disabilities.  Their actions are ironic because, we disabled individuals, are their favorite source of inspiration porn.  As a veteran Autism Specialist for the NC school system and an individual on the spectrum myself, I am fully acquainted with the falling-all-over-themselves, conspicuous displays many southern evangelicals partake in.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been patronizingly told how their god made me, “so special” and that individuals like my students were put here to, “teach us a lesson.”  Many of this mindset are completely missing the point.  Those of non-majority status don’t want your piety and pity, we want equality.

     To his credit, Governor Pat McCrory was not a part of this discriminatory maneuver spearheaded by his own party.  Rather, McCrory, who served as mayor of Charlotte from 1995 to 2009, understands the governance of a city who garners regular national attention.  Charlotte is the home of Bank of America, as well as, the second largest banking center in the United States.  Most leaders of metro areas in conservative states acquiesce that painting a target of discrimination across your city’s back is a fine way evaporate business dealings with those from less hostile sections of our union.  Rather, our governor suggested that state representatives wait until North Carolina’s senate and house resumed regular sessions on April, 25th 2016, a mere thirty-two days away, so that the state could save the cash and better hash out the tenants of their actions.  Instead, the state’s party of fiscal conservatives and proponents of small government have opted for an expensive, intrusive interjection.  So, for the time being, Charlotte’s disabled population will also go without protection, an unintended causality of fervent bigotry by those who claim to love us most.  #WeAreNotThis

*Update, It seems I was incorrect, Pat McCrory is an asshole.


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