If you are a conservative Christian who hates both the LBGT community and Islam, whose side do you take in Orlando?


Conservative Christians find themselves in a cognitive quandary following the massacre at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  “How do I feel about someone who follows a religion I hate carrying out actions my God deems acceptable?”  And yes, both literal interpretations of Christianity and Islam would condone and encourage such murders.

Conservative Christians hate Islam and have no qualms in saying so.  Donald Trump, the orange siren of their current political movement, has garnered epic levels of praise for his stance on the subject.  Islam holds up an unflattering mirror to conservative Christian faces by its shared texts, codes of conduct and antique bronze age laws.  Islam is seen as a false and perverse religion because, “My God said so.” and visa versa.

It infuriates me when either cites their own religion’s texts or a personal faith as providing validity to their, “one true way”.  Where’s the endgame when there is zero evidence to bolster competing philosophies?  Answer: There isn’t one.  Truly frightening is the level of access these ignorants have to technological means of weaponry they did not earn, but rather paid others to develop, namely nuclear. The two true endgame options are, the deletion of our species by our own hand or advancement through logic, leading us into a future as a space faring species who spreads their sentient nature across the galaxy.  There is no in-between.

If your religion or philosophy encourages you to harm others who are not like you through implementing laws to restrict rights or outright violence, it is obviously weak and flawed as it cannot repel the simplest of challenges, which is to exist in a reality where the mere disagreeance of others is an imposition that must be squelched.  Do us a a favor, please drop off your ignorance where it belongs, history.

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One thought on “If you are a conservative Christian who hates both the LBGT community and Islam, whose side do you take in Orlando?

  1. Very presumptive header. You assume as a christian someone is filled with hate towards a sinner?
    Wouldn’t it be possible to feel pity for those souls who find themselves unaligned with their god given vessel?
    You sound hateful yourself in a lot of your articles.


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