The Great Replacement

Schwarze_Sonne_Obergruppenführersaal_(SS_Generals'_Hall) (1)

I wanted to take a moment to point something out this morning about the Christchurch mass murder. The perpetrators used the same Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) imagery tattooed on Paul Waggener’s chest.  It is prominently displayed on the front of their manifesto. I mentioned this in my  Jack Donovan article. Here’s a quote from that article.


we see the same symbol enshrined on the first floor of the Obergruppenführersaal, the SS general’s hall in Wewelsburg Castle.  Heinrich Himmler often referred to the castle as, “the center of the world”. At least that was his intent.”


This is a worldwide Nazi movement.  It must be squashed.

4 thoughts on “The Great Replacement

  1. You neglect to mention that the black sun symbol or sonnengrad was not a creation on the nazis, it was in that castle long before it was adopted by the ss and as an ancient symbol cannot be casually labelled as an evil thing.
    There are many ancient symbols and runes used by political groups that may not be the original intent so your guilt by association means nothing to the knowledgeable reader.
    What you are doing is witch hunting and pointing fingers, As if nationalism in any form is an inherently bad practice.
    We in a civilised society police deeds not thoughts.


  2. With just the smallest amount of effort I found details that highlight your willful oversight.
    “The Black Sun mosaic (actually green) at Wewelsburg today, The castle is now a youth hostel, complete with Ikea bookcases and beanie pillows.

    Mainstream history does not tell us the reality of Wewelsburg’s reconstruction – that Himmler’s original plans for the North Tower did not make any mention of the Black Sun floor mosaic. Mainstream history also does not mention that the Schwarze Sonne in various forms predates the Third Reich by thousands of years, and that even in its modern 12-spoked form, was already present on the Bismarck memorial in Hamburg in 1906, long before the National Socialist ideology (let alone the party) was ever conceived”


    1. We won’t ever see the end of it. Hatred is like an eternal flame that must be perpetually doused to keep it at bay.


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