North Carolina to spend $42,000 of tax payer money to appease hate group


     Earlier this year the city of Charlotte did its part in etching away at the legal discriminatory practices against our LGBT citizens.  In my opinion, the ordinance doesn’t go nearly far enough.  In the eyes of one of NC’s most prominent Christian Conservative groups, it’s  ghastly.  Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham, son of prominent anti-Semite Billy Graham,* said the following about the ordinance, “it’s wicked and it’s filthy.”  So, what’s this anxiety inducing decree all about?  Basically, it states that public businesses will not be allowed to turn away customers whom they perceive to be LGBT, nor can they make a fuss about people they believe to be transgender using the facilities of their corresponding gender.  No worries, in North Carolina and many other states, you can still fire someone for being gay and even state so openly.  Yes, that’s fucking legal.  Only two other cities in the southeast have made any strides in this area.  Myrtle Beach and Colombia, SC both have similar civil rights laws.

     The canard on which The North Carolina Family Policy Council @ncfamilyorg presents its case involves the imagined rampant abuse transgendered women will pitch forth upon other women and girls.  While sexual assaults on both males and females happen in public restrooms everyday, it’s often not those who have the bravery to live their lives out loud who do so.  Instead, it’s people like former North Carolina Family Policy Council leader, Coy Privette, who in 2007, while commissioner of Cabarrus county, and also a so called, “pastor” was arraigned on no less than six counts of solicitation of prostitution.  Prior to this, our charmer, Mr. Privette, served on the NC house of representatives from 1985-1992.  Unbelievably, he did not even lose his commissionership but, rather, was censured and continued to serve until 2010.  I suppose the biggest blow resulting from Privette poking his pee pee where it didn’t belong was losing the vice-presidency of The Cabarrus County Republican Men’s Club.  Behind closed doors, there were probably pats on the back, smiles and laughter about his little predicament.

    Now the same group has garnered 13,000 signatures from my state’s rouges gallery of bigots to behest our legislatures to convene for a one day emergency session to overturn said ordinance to the tune of $42,000 in tax payer mula.  Yes, that’s the cost of a one day retreat to Raleigh for the Tea Party class.  That’s enough to pay the yearly salary of a mid-career NC school teacher.

     Now, where does the real danger lie?  The truth is that a transgendered women’s (and man’s) life is in peril almost every minute she has the bravery to live as herself in such a hateful environment.  She is the one in palpable peril, each time the law forces her to go into a men’s restroom presenting as a her true gender, female.  In such a scenario it’s inevitable that the right redneck is alone in the wrong place with our unfortunate fellow citizen, who may very well suffer, not only a beating, humiliation or sexual assault but quite possibly the fate of Matthew Shephard @MattShepardFDN .  I’ll be damned if Charlotte or any other city in North Carolina will become the next Laramie.




A woodsman’s case against Trump


Despite being a moderately OK writer, I cannot convince ardent Trump supporters to vote against him with a simple blog post or by any other means, so I won’t.  I will tell you to go vote your conscience and I will do the same.  However, I will explain some of the reasons I will not be voting for Donald Trump@realDonaldTrump .  Despite his lack of substance and complete misunderstanding of constitutional law, Donald Trump has garnered significant support through bravado directed at those who tend to think emotionally.  As a woodsman, I like to rely on the teachings of the oracle of survival, Les Stroud @reallesstroud.  In this scenario, I will go over my personal, “zones of assessment” concerning Trump.

Zone one denotes what I have on my person, or in this case, what has Trump said about people like me?  I’m a person on the spectrum, so I found his insults toward a fellow disabled individual despicable.  Some may perceive me to speak oddly and, from time to time, I stutter.  Though Trump says not to have remembered reporter, Serge Kovaleski @sergenyt, he has met with him dozens of times since the 1980’s and seemed to somehow do an impression of him that I suppose wasn’t an impression?  Here’s a link to that video

The second zone of assessment has to do with my immediate environment, or in this case, those around me.  My second blends back into my first as I was an Autism Specialist and Severe Profound Special Education teacher for twelve years.  Then of course, comes the fact that I was raised by, and most of my family consists of women, including my wife. Here’s a video of women quoting Trump’s misogynistic remarks,

In that same zone of assessment comes my gay family members.  Here’s a quote from Trump from earlier this year concerning gay marriage rights.  On January, 31st 2016, Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked: “WALLACE: But — but just to button this up very quickly, sir, are you saying that if you become president, you might try to appoint justices to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage?” TRUMP: “I would strongly consider that, yes.”  I suppose there will be no more marriage for many of my friends and family.  In the second zone, again, come my friends of Mexican decent, who guess what, were born in the United States.  June 16th of last year Trump said this about my friend’s Mothers and Fathers, “The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”  I suppose he may have meant it about them too as he intends to repeal the 14th amendment, which technically he cannot.  The fourteenth amendment was part of a trio of amendments passed in 1863 to repeal slavery, which 20% of his SC voters still endorse.…/measuring-donald-trumps…

The fourteenth amendment states that all Americans have equal protection under the law and anyone born on US soil is an US citizen.  In case some of my readers didn’t know, the fourteenth amendment was also the lynch pin of the Obergefell v. Hodges case of 2015 (gay marriage).

Finally, comes the third zone of assessment, which is, what is in the wider environment from which a woodsman can gain resources?  I won’t include global warming. If you wish to challenge climate science, you may publish a study with a respected scientific journal, where such arguments can be fleshed out more rigorously.  However, there is one zone three assessment whose results are axiomatic regardless of political affiliation, thermonuclear war.  Here’s Donald Trump’s view on that subject from, December 18, 2015: “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?” That final one makes it full circle back through all zones.  There will be no zones, no us, no gay marriage, no climate science, no more drilling for oil, nothing but a barren rock, where upon tardigrade (water bears) and heat/radiation resistant bacteria will reside.  Gone will be the only sentient species we know of, through the use of a technology that Trump, nor any other politician, has earned but rather purchased on the backs of those far more brilliant with little green pieces of, now vaporized, paper called, “money”.  That, my fellow Americans, are a few bits of information that fuel the conscious I’ll take to the polls.